Thursday, May 7, 2009

New England Ho!

It's late but official... One day till departure.  I am heading north for 5 days to check out the scene in Rumney, Pawtuckaway and Great Barrington.  Seems like we might sneak in before the black fly season.. I hope. Either way its gonna be a killer trip.  I come home on wednesday to work and make some money then its off to the new for the Rendezvous..  SICK! Big week ahead of me and I am ready for the change of scenery.  I will update the old blog when I get a chance after tomorrow.  Peace, love and grease, to the north east!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Last Thursday I made the trip to the Gunks to try and bag a few classic problems before the summer starts.  The forecast called for rain but we gambled that we (Gus, Travis and Myself) would be able to climb without getting rained out.  Turns out we were right.  

We started the day off by warming up and getting right to business on Karajo and New Pair of Glasses.  Quick sends and amazing problems, fun moves to good holds and friendly on the skin.  Next we went down to Crouching Dragon.  I have had my eyes on this problem since my first trip (this was trip three) but never got on it the first trip and gave it 3 tries at the end of the day last time.  This past trip I was sure that I would give it some solid attempts and maybe walk away with two hard sends for the day.  Travis and I warmed up on Dragon Turns (v9) which is the stand and got to business.  I was finding it hard to stick the first reach but Travis made quick work of it and in about an hour almost sent falling short of the lip jug....  Damn Son!  I got some inspiration and tried two more times but it wasn't the day.  In any case it was a great effort on both of our parts and I am sure we will see a send next trip.  Next we went to the Buddha so Gus could send and send he did.  

I snagged some good shots of him trying but no send shot...  The rest of the day we explored some more of the Gunks bouldering checking out, Venus and Scorpio, Jaboo, Box Car, Ghengis Kahn, Gass Chamber and some others.  It was a great day.  Here are some pics.  Maybe video to come.