Sunday, November 8, 2009

wait, wait

Not much has happened with my climbing until recently.. I had a bad bought of pneumonia that has stuck with me for about 6 weeks now but recently i have been feeling better and making progress again. We have been hitting up Ghost town an area in western pa with rad sandstone. I was fortunate enough to get inside beta to one of the coolest boulders in pa the reaper boulder located in the Ghost town forest. Got the second ascent of the sit version of reaper roof(first go) clocking in at 9/10 and managed to get the second on a line i helped establish on the same boulder probably hitting the 10/11 range. That one was by far the cooler line but also a little more tricky. Figuring out the beta took me a little but got it done in the end. no pics but check for some footage of our first visit and maybe some more media coming up this week.