Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Slippery Toad

The other week Bosley put up a new line at Catoctin and called it Slippery Toad, fitting as its on the bullfrog boulder.  We were fortunate enough to have good weather the other day so I went out to get my mits on it.

Slippery Toad from Tim Rose on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

LYD, AAC Grant

Live Your Dream Smith Rock from kevin ziechmann on Vimeo.

I have been posting information about the Live Your Dream Grant from the AAC.  Its a great opportunity for climbers, runners, mountaineers and more to get support and funding for your next trip. Its open to ANYONE!!

Live Your Dream Grants = ticket to jumpstart your climbing aspirations. These grants are designed for you,
the every-day adventurer, and you don’t need an elite outdoor resume (or even much experience) to apply.
Live Your Dream Grants seek to fund unforgettable experiences that make you a more passionate climber
who gains the skills and confidence to dream even bigger next time. We encourage you to gather a friend or
three, build your dream trip or experience, and then send us an application.

We like making dreams come true for everybody. We fund climbers of all ages and experience levels, as
well as a range of climbing disciplines (including but not limited to: bouldering, sport climbing, traditional rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, ski mountaineering, peak running, exploration, you name it). There
are no limits to your dreams, and there are no limits to the kinds of applications we will review. Impress us
with your dream, and we just might fund it.
Here is the link to read about and apply for the grant:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Catoctin Video : By Kyle Adams

My good friend Kyle put this video together showcasing some climbing at Catoctin Mtn.  MD.  Pretty entertaining video and some great footage.

Catoctin Mountain Bouldering from Kyle Adams on Vimeo.

Southern Exposure

the black smith, LRC
Just got back from a great trip to the south.  The weather seemed to dominate the trip with many days spent playing darts because of the rain.  On the days that were good I managed to climb a ton of amazing boulders.
It was my first trip to Rocktown GA so I was pretty psyched.  I did so much climbing but only managed to see about a quarter of the place.  Came close on Jimmy's Fire in the Mtn.  but no send and we never made it back.  I was a little let down about that.  Next trip it will go.
The remaining days of the trip I spent exploring some different areas that are off the beaten road of the normal big three in the south.  I spent a day at the Mill which is a cool area full of roof climbing.  Slightly different vibe than Rocktown roof climbing.  Jimmy has a line at the Mill called half moon, peep the video below.

Untitled from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Really psyched to get back and finish this rig.  
Another area less known but getting pretty popular of the past 5years is Cumberland also known as Pep Boys.  The area hosts some really great climbing ranging from steep roof climbing to taller faces.  We spent some time there and I managed to nab gross's roof v11, big gulp v11, 7/11 extension v10 to name a few.  I had done Salo's roof many years ago with my buddy Travis.  Salo's roof is an impressive 20ish move boulder problem out a large roof next to the stream.  Its super classic and if you ever find yourself in the area deserves a try.
the law, LRC
LRC was were we spent the most time on this trip.  We visited LRC 3 days.  After a great trip last year in which I was able to send the shield and others at LRC, I was excited to get on things I hadn't tried before or had not been on for years.  It would be boring listing everything that went at LRC, its one of few areas that you can climb 50 or more boulder problems in a day and walk a shorter distance than if you needed to find a bathroom in a public venue.  A few stand outs on this trip were the law v11, heroin v6 i think, ace of spades v9..  which actually was kind of fun, the blacksmith v9.  Came close to barn door, spent a session on it but it was dripping and then never made it back.
I am hoping to get down south again soon...  So much to do.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


So far our trip to the south has been a rainy cold one.  Its raining today, go figure.. but we did get a day at rocktown that was perfect.  It was my first time to rocktown so my plan was to climb as much as possible.  I managed to do so many good climbs and close to a send of Jimmy Webb's v12 Fire in the Mts. Its a hard crimpy climb out a short roof feature to a pretty face. I was disappointed to leave that day without the send, starting a trip with loose ends never works for me and with so many areas to visit down here and so much rock, its nice to send and send quickly.  Really motivated to make it back to rocktown and finish "Fire" and climb the ultra classic Golden Harvest.

After my session on "Fire" I got some beta from Jimmy's FA.

Rocktown 2 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.