Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dominion River Rock, Boulder Bash, Blast Off, Blow Out, Bonanza

After a long, fun weekend at the Dominion comp I have managed to get out of bed this morning without an aching shoulder/back.  Thank GOD! I am really pushing to heal quickly but our bodies have a quick way of reminding us when we push to hard to fast.
The comp this past weekend was great.  I have been looking forward to it since I signed up and it was a great motivational tool to keep me honest with my PT and staying on track healing my injury.  We had a good turnout on the competition side names like J Webb, P Rob, D Woods, Carlo T, Sasha, Angie, both girl and boy Alex.  The crowd was pumped to see everyone jump and swing around on some inverted terrain.
All in all my shoulder held up well and I ended up tied with everyone going into quarter finals and onwards.  The field was so close through the whole event, no one dominating competitor arose however, props to Woods for being the only one to figure out and finish the semi finals problem.  At the end of the comp I didn't make top 5 but there is always next year and I am hoping to be healed by then.  I think DPM or some other media company probably got footage so check around.  Thanks to everyone who showed up to support, to the crowd, the crew who put their hard work into setting up the comp and of course, my super sexy, incredibly functional, late but only fashionably, sponsors who hook it up!!!  Without you guys these events couldn't happen.
and to the dog that jumped 25 feet to win the dog jump. 


Jenn said...

Nice job Tim! Hope you heal fast!

rose said...

Thanks Jenn. I am trying to get to the New this weekend, I hope to see you there this summer.