Saturday, October 18, 2014


Been getting a lot of requests about beta for NRG bouldering.  Figured it would be wise to address the here.  

A guidebook is currently in the works and will be finished later this year..  Will be available for purchase soon after that. 

couple photos from the other day..  

revisiting an old FA: relic rapture wrath, v12 - fern creek boulders. 

Lots of stuff going on in the little town of Fayetteville.  Bridge day today.. 

Craig R. attempting an ascent of Body Snatcher
Put up this gear line called Body Snatcher.  Killer moves on good holds under the roof to a move at the lip, 70ft of victory climbing to the chains.  full route length is probably 85 or 90ft. 

Tyler Willcut on The Crouch

T Dubs (Tyler Willcut) is in town.  Crushing as usual.   Here he is sticking the final big move on "The Crouch".  Ty has an impressive ability to float up routes with his southern draw and casual style.   God Bless The Confederacy and God Bless The South.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lunar Menstruation

4am is early as shit...  I hit snooze and closed my eyes.  Three alarms and much complaining later, I rolled over and drug my ass out of bed.  Glad I wasn't a bitch.   - Blood Moon

Sunday, October 5, 2014


 I have been posted up at the NRG over the past 2 1/2 weeks.  Trees are lighting up and the temps are cooling off signaling the start of another climbing season on the east coast.  Shenanigans at the skate park, trad climbing, classics, classics... more classics.  Be weary of any Fayetteville local that says "Shits classic"!  Probably sandbagged, run out, guarantee its sketchy and insecure... but its probably classic.  Pitches, Pitches, Pitches... Been my game whilst recovering from some BS injury in February.  Getting old sucks.  Eye candy!

Abe Duh Babe!

Do a wheeeeeeeeelie 

What have I learned:  Eating Pie is so much easier than climbing.  No bullshit ego boosting life lesson to share.

October from the back porch. 

20ft off the deck. Zak Roper on another NRG high ball