Monday, December 21, 2009


Today was my first day back climbing in the gym.. I worked on easy stuff and only tried 1 or 2 harder lines to give my shoulder a chance to reacquaint with tugging. Not much new has happened just taking it easy working on new training ideas and working on Governor Stables stuff. For those of you who don't know GS will be reopening mid winter and the work is in full swing to get things moving for a grand opening sometime in February or March.. FINGERS CROSSED.
On a side note Chet put up some new media from our trip to DIXIE awhile ago. Thanks so much Dan and Patrick for showing us around the area and keeping it really fresh finding new lines all the time! I wouldn't be the same without you guys.

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chet said...

yo dawg
New layout looks good. Way to crush down in Dixie. ya beast