Thursday, August 18, 2011


The east coast is an amazing place to live with a beauty that changes with each season. I am always amazed each fall at the shift in color, temperature, smell and landscape that comes with the changing of the seasons. Winters are cold and Springs are short but offer a new look with a vibrant palate of greens, reds, yellows and blues with every tint and shade in between. Summer is hot and humid its the perfect time to have a beer and relax with friends. This summer however; I have had the opportunity to make several great climbing trips. One trip that I have been looking forward to more than others has been to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Littered with granite cliffs and boulders that attract climbers, hikers and nature enthusiasts from all over, RMNP is a destination anytime of the year but as a climber it offers an escape from the heat and humidity that settles in the east from May - September.

This journey marked my first trip to Colorado. I had been told about the rock, the culture, hiking, climbing and mountaineering that the Rockies offered. I was completely blown away when I finally made it to FoCo, Boulder and Estes and met some amazing new friends that continued to get my psych up to climb.
It takes roughly 30 minutes to get to chaos canyon and the lower bouldering areas. 15 - 20 feet of snow lay on the ground peppered with car and house size granite boulders and surround a beautiful snow melt lake. “This place is amazing” is all I could say. Temps in the 70 - 80’s during the day with no humidity and dropped to a cool 50 in the evenings.

We had perfect conditions on my trip and with the cooperation of the weather I was able to put down so many classic boulder problems and a couple traditional routes too. I feel comfortable giving this summation or advice to climbers planning a trip to the park, work on crimp strength, cardio for your hikes and power because you will need them all or at least I did.

It made me sad knowing that this place was only a destination for me and that I wasn’t calling it home. In my mind I knew that I would eventually have to leave but only for a short while.

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