Thursday, December 1, 2011


I've been on a roll out here on the east coast.  I am pretty sure I could write a lifetime movie or a hit country single documenting the crazy BS that I have gotten into over the past 2months.  To preface, I have gone through a few car repairs, a new car, being stuck in Clarksburg WV for 4days, getting involved with the Russian mob, end of times rain, poor climbing conditions, the demise of my new car, not to mention a life changing decision to continue my education and return to school for my graduate degree.
Everything started on my first trip to the NRG.  Nearly half way into the trip my battery light went on to which Kyle replied from the passenger seat with "yep...., that's your alternator".  The good news was that we could keep driving in the hopes that we would make it to the nearest town which was probably 45min away, the bad news was that we were 45min away and in the middle of back woods west virginyeee.  About 16miles from Morgantown my VW decided to crap out.  Every garage we talked to said "we dont work on those fancy foreign cars" or gave us a turnaround time of 2days and about $800.  Nothing was gonna keep us from our destiny so we decided to call around and see if we could do the repair ourselves.  My good friend Amanda (known as Amber Dean in those parts) was kind enough to pick our sad arses up and give us a ride into town where we bought a new battery, alternator and all the tools we would need to repair the car ourselves.  We proceeded to install said products into my vehicle while along side the road.  Kyles prowess under the hood of a car was impressive and thank God Trevor was along for the ride, his superhuman crimp strength saved the day getting the alternator wheel off the old alternator and onto installing it on the new alternator.  From start to finish the repair took an hour.  Finally we were on our way.  Upon arriving at the NRG I split two tips in 45min and Trevor managed to sustain a pretty serious muscle injury while warming up.  We finished out the weekend in style with our friends and managed some sends and a few FA's.  Just when we thought the trip was over and we were at the tail end of the journey my car decided that being fixed was no longer an option and the timing belt broke on my car about 100 yards from our destination and .5miles from the VW dealership.  $1800 and all my climbing equipment being stolen while it was being repaired at the VW dealership later I got my car back.
Everything was smooth for the next two weeks and my life continued as I looked for work and waited for my next climbing adventure back to the NRG for Thanksgiving.  Bri came to town as planned and we packed up and made the trip from PA to WV only for my my bastard car to yet again leave us hanging.  This time was different, the transmission was shot and I wasnt getting it fixed.  Off to the junkyard with my car and we pitched up in Morgantown with my good friends Mike and Jackie to find a new car.  Mother nature was kind enough to smite any possible drought or risk of forest fire by dumping thousands of gallons of rain on Morgantown at precisely the same time so Bri and I both felt safe wearing extremely flammable clothing near hot surfaces and flushing after #1 and #2.  This is also the time we ran into the Russian mob.... Who would have guessed WV?  They tried to sell us what I am sure was a get away vehicle, murder or crack car but we decided to pass.  There is an old saying about doing business or buying a car from someone out of the back seat of another car.  Now, when we are standing around the fire I can say "Remember the time we ran into the Russian mob in West Virginia and Bri almost stabbed a guy in the neck with a bic pen"?
 I did find a car eventually and thanks to all my friends, Bri, Bri's family and Barry(our car salesman) we managed to find a great car at a great price.  My new whip was unfortunately the last in affected in the string bad luck as it had a faulty water pump fan and needed repaired as soon as I got it home....  Sheesh...  God has smiled upon me however; my car is fixed, climbing continues, I don't have any physical ailments or diseases(that i know of), my harvest will be bountiful in the spring and I will be traveling back to Boulder for a short stay before the holidays.  While I am in Boulder I plan on seeing some friends in FoCo, Estes and Wyoming, climb some new rigs all before I make a road trip back to MD with Bri.
Our current plan is to stop in SoIll climb for a day or two then continue south and east to Chatty.  After Chatty, we are headed north to MD for the holidays.

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