Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2nd Place Finish PRG Winter Burn - ABS Regionals

photo: Danielle Vennard (WB11)
This weekend was the 6th annual Philadelphia Rock Gym ABS Regional Championships (Winter Burn).  Despite some snowy weather Friday night that looked like it might impair our travels, Saturday morning came and the roads were clear so we made the trip to Philly. 
The Winter Burn always draws a large crowd including some very strong north east climbers.  This year was no exception.  From what I gathered from the staff, this year was PRG's largest turnout and the Open category was stacked as usual.  We had 3 hours to climb in a section judged format competition.  I barely filled my card at the end of 3hrs but I was happy, had a lot of fun and felt good despite having lost a significant amount of skin.
I managed to make finals and in the end ended up in 2nd place when it was over.  Looking back as most competitors do, I wish I would have done a couple of things differently to gain additional holds on some of my attempts.  The competition was tough but I was happy to do as well as I did.   
I had a great time, the setting for the competition was great and seeing old friends and meeting new people is always a good time.

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Dave Lambert - CPAUG Co-Manager said...

That is awesome dude! That is quite the feat! If they do this type of thing out west, you may wanna do that as well. I would imagine there is steep competition out there as well. I love to see you (and any of my friends) succeeding at their passions! It is very inspiring.