Friday, February 17, 2012


photo: Danielle Vennard
February is typically the month we expect a few snow storms, bitter cold and more time spent in the gym rather than climbing outside.  We have been rather lucky with no serious snow storms to date and temperatures hovering near perfect for bouldering.  Typically I would be training and climbing in comps but I have been battling a nagging injury that refuses to resolve. During my stay in CO over the summer I noticed pain in my left lat after climbing sessions.  It was never serious enough to end a session but continued to be a nagging pain that would be more intense pre and post work out but during work outs seemed to loosen up enough for me to push on.  Its been about 4months and I am still suffering from a growing pain that seems to be in my lat/scapula/teres major area.  At one point last week I was completely unable to do a pull up.  This week due to increased pain and extreme loose of power in my left arm I stopped climbing and started doing some research.  I am not a Dr. but everything that I have read so far points to a teres major strain with a scapular/lat strain too.  Recovery time is around 4-6weeks and in rare cases upwards of 6months but its worth it to me to finally be back to 100% instead of hovering around 85% for the past 4months.  I am going to see a PT for my injury next week and I hope to get this resolved.
On a lighter note I made the annual trip to Climbnasium for their Frostbite comp last weekend.  They had nearly 140 competitors competing in beginner - open categories.  The energy was great competition was tough and I walked away with a first place finish, win all around.  I was originally planning on attending Nationals but this is no longer an option with my current health....  always next year.

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