Thursday, October 11, 2012

Grilt Trip

Photo: Pat Goodman
I just returned from a trip to Boone NC.  The journey started on Thursday morning at 5am when I decided to finally get out of bed after a restless night and head to Fayetteville WV to pick up Pat.  Pat and I were going to Boone for 4 or 5 days to take part in the first leg of the Triple Crown bouldering series and work on Pat's mixed gear project.  It took the better part of 12 hours of travel but we arrived safe and sound in Banner Elk where we would be staying for the duration of our stay.
Friday morning came quick after all the traveling and I was glad to have a rest day scheduled.  Pat on the other hand was ready to fire his project.  Unfortunately, no send on Friday but Pat was close and we decided that a return visit would yield the illusive "send".
Photo: Pat Goodman
5.10 and the AAC both made big presences at the comp.  5.10 was showcasing their new shoes along with a demo on Saturday for the bouldering comp.  The AAC had a crowd and pulled in some money with the support of donations on Friday.
Saturday was a little warm and damp but still good.  Houndears is sharp!  My indoor skin was thrashed in a few hours of climbing and ended up spending most of the day cruising around doing classics and having fun.  I never finished 10 climbs to fill out my score sheet tho.  I will  know to plan skin a little better next time.
Sunday and Monday both became a wash as what was going to be splitter weather turned into cold and rainy both days.  My trip came to a close with a long drive home in the snow and rain but I had a great trip.  I am always psyched to see new rock and visit with friends.

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