Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hunter and the Hunted

I just got back from my 2nd trip this season to the south.  I came back with a renewed psych on a few local projects in central and Western PA.  Funny how leaving an area can help you discover whats there.  I can get caught up in what I think or I feel is possible... Maybe that will change.
Sunday we traveled to a sandstone area in PA that hosts a few less known projects, two of which I am headed back for.  Both are steep on small holds and have great movement.  They may be some of the hardest things I have tried in the area, for whatever that is worth.  On the subject of difficulty,  I am finding it difficult to stay in touch.  Perhaps my age is finally starting to show?  Is it normal to loose patience with drama and ignorance as you age?  I thought the opposite was true. Maybe I need a vacation....  One things for sure,  I am psyched to climb and I have a semester free from school to get some work done before I get back at it.

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