Friday, March 15, 2013

Stop and smell the Roses

FA: Under Lock and Key, v13
Everything, all of the details, down to the subtlety of how your fingers land on a hold, what angle your foot is turned, where your hips should be, how much energy you should have to do the crux, all of those variables have to align perfectly.  That's hard bouldering.  Sometimes climbs feel easy and sometimes they feel hard.  I wonder why that is?  Did I get weaker?  Perhaps I didn't rest long enough between attempts?  Climbing perplexes me and I think that's what keeps me loving it.  It's not as simple as train harder or be the strongest.  If it were that easy we would have people straight out of Golds Fitness or Brick Bodies onsighting our projects.  It's in the details.  I call them illusions "tricks are for kids and what hookers do for money" but illusions are the details that make climbing work.  Sometimes I like to think that I can just go into the gym and start cranking out sets to be a better climber.  That actually works sometimes but its probably a coincidence.  The best I have been able to come up with over all the years is to stay healthy, stay motivated and keep pushing it, whether it's harder problems, harder routes, technique or power.  Firstly stay healthy!!
If you have read my humble and horribly written blog in the past few weeks you will already be aware that I have been trying some projects at a local area in PA.  I say local but it's a good 2hr drive.  Yesterday I made that trip on a busted knee with hopes to send the Key Hole Project.  I had put three sessions into it prior failing to snag an ascent.  Two sessions the weather got the best of me but I tried to send anyway.  2hrs one way is a long drive and I was psyched..  Thats old Tim talking, new Tim knows better.  It's not worth getting injured which is exactly what I managed to do.  Nothing serious mind you,  I tweaked my hammy heel hooking and it resolved itself in a few days.  None the less feeling tweaked can put mental stress on any situation.  So, I started my session off yesterday as I had previously.  Warmed up in an area close to the project fully knowing that today may or may not be my day to send.  Failing has become just as important to me as succeeding.  Maybe more so know than before.  My parents were right this entire time??  Its not about getting there it's about the journey?  I think I understand now...  Or is that just me being trapped into the state of mind, the perception, the vantage or my current time?  Whatever, anyway I was feeling good and warmed up as best as I could in 30 degree temps and set up for my red point attempts.  After two attempts I was feeling confident and sent on my third.  Finally!!!!  I had managed to link it up.  I barely stuck the slot move which is "the" move.  It's always a little manky and the hold is not exactly in a great spot.  Its just big enough for my fat fingers to get some bite but it bites back.  That's it.  That's the end of my story.  I sent.  Awesome!  I am really psyched to put another line up.  So continues my love of the sport.  Off to try something new.


Blake Kalkstein DC said...

Awesome job! Any time I can keep you healthy, let me know. Keep up the good work!

~Dr. Blake

Anonymous said...

Nice send Trose! Stay healthy, yes...I've learned that lesson...