Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ET Roc Comp

If you live in a cave or UTAH you might not have heard about the Earth Trek's Roc Comp... For everyone else this will make much more sense. The ET Roc comp went down over the weekend and it was killer. I helped out forerunning and setting all of last week with some bad ass dudes. The turn out in the pro division was huge. The list included such names as Sharma, Robinson, Woods, Web, Pringle, Puccio, Johnson, Rands..... I am tired of typing names. I wish i had some good media to share but I don't.. Use your search skills to find some videos, guarantee you'll wish you were there.

I put this preview together awhile ago to sike some people up for the climbing season. We are really close to having the short done and it will be much better quality.. till then enjoy this thing and keep reading.

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