Monday, April 1, 2013

A Look Back, Moving Forward

Go Bot v11/8a RMNP
I was looking around at some older photos, reassessing what I have done over the past year and half. I found some photos that reminded me how much fun I had and how much work I put in.  Go Bot in Lower Chaos is terrifying.  It climbs out a steep wall with a terrible landing.  In the early part of the season when the snow is 6+ feet deep in Chaos canyon its not as intimidating.  Snow fills up the terrible landing and you can rest easy knowing that the fall is still a fall but isnt as bad as the middle of the summer..  which is exactly when I decided to climb that mother.
European Human v12/8a+ 
European Human...  I tried this one with Zach Lerner in the rain and we didn't finish it.  It was an end of the session climb and it felt hard with small sharp holds.  So we made a bet...  Next session, whoever sent first the other person had to jump into the lake.. which is possibly the second coldest water that I have been in.  The deal was made.  Zach did it first try.  My turn, I pulled on did a move grabbed an edge, dry fired and split a tip.  I was going for a swim.  Awesome day, super cold, never did make it back to that problem after my swim.
Gorilla Warfare v10 FA
I went back to PA after my jaunt in CO.  The weather in the east was still warm.  It was late september / early october and we decided to head to western PA for some sandstone.  Brian, Miley, Cramer and I checked out a project all by itself at Johnstown. Super crimpy short overhang.  I managed to do it and called it Gorilla Warfare v10.  I don't know if its been tried again after that day, but its worthy if you find yourself in the area looking to pull on some small, sharp holds.
Mikey Fitz mantles while Med School Brian watches intently 
 This picture is from Lincoln Lake.  Wow, super cool place but the hike is brutal.  It was our first time to this area and I wasnt sure what to expect as far as approach time was concerned.  I had been told many stories.  The hike down wasn't so bad and then it started to snow.  We only got to climb for about three hours then had to leave due to weather and lack of light.  The hike out...  was pretty nar.  This is another area I never made it back to.

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