Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weapon of Choice

Yesterday was pretty much perfect in Fayetteville WV.  The sun was out and a cool breeze kept the temperatures from getting hot.  A crew was headed to Micah Klinger's masterpiece F5 to film for a charity event.  It took some effort to get everyone up the mountain and set up to film, in the end it all came together pretty well.  Matt and Dave both managed sends of F5 and afterwards we hiked around a bit looking for some new boulders.  We came across a short line that turned out to be really fun.  Its pretty much a dyno to a jug off of a bad crimp.  I didn't realize that my lens was scratched so the send footage is really not that great but who gives a crap, thought it was funny...  If you can make out my face I was turned around spotting my landing..  completely anticipating a fall off the jump move but it never came.  Not sure exactly how hard it was but felt like it was in the v10 range.

Weapon of Choice from Tim Rose on Vimeo.

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