Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rest Dayz

Today is a much needed rest day.  My body is tired from all the climbing and running plus my shoulder and lat are still recovering and I don't want to push it to hard.  I was reading blogs and catching up on what my friends have been up to across the world and I found a few cool things that you may find interesting or lame... or interlamesting

Jimmy is in CO, here is his 5.10 post -

(CO is currently on fire, best guess is it has something to do with hippies, global warming or possibly chupacabras.  Seriously tho, I wish everyone the best who lives out there.  To all the climbers still doing your thing in CO, perhaps now is the time to strike down your projects as they may be firey lava when you return.)

Sasha is being Sasha and winning..  -

Zach Lerner NOTORIOUSLY under the radar, is crushing rock in Swizzy.  Here is a video of Zach climbing at the Lake in CO.

Zach Lerner climbing Bebe Wolverine V12 from Bearcam Media on Vimeo.

Pat Goodman is training and killing it in the NRG -   Pat has a big trip coming up soon.  He and a team of guys will be traveling to CA to establish some new routes up there, A.

Brad Jackson (aka Big$$$$$$ Jackson) of Summit Strength (Fort Collins, CO.) finished shooting an exciting project for the reel rock with some people in Vedauwoo.  So check that out when it comes to your town.  He also tells me that his new facility is up and running.  If you are looking to get serious about taking control of your diet and stepping it up with training, Brad is has the knowledge, direction to get you to your goals.  They put plans together for athletes across the country so check them out before they burn down.   Just kidding about burning down.

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