Thursday, May 10, 2012


Its been a long and interesting journey recovering from my injury in February.  Time has been kind and has been moving quicker than a cat falling in a bathtub.  School is coming to an end, 3 finals left and I am cant wait to be done with this semester from the devil.  Anyways..  Now that I have managed to tear two of the largest muscles in my body I think I will take it easy for a little and probably retire from getting injured.  Its really not as fun as it sounds and to be honest I would rather be doing something fun rather than sitting on my rear, watching movies, eating ice cream and growing tired at the mention of physical activity.  I think its time I get training.

I started making regular trips to Earth Treks to see how much my shoulder can withstand, so far so good.  I have been able to boulder regularly but my focus has been sport climbing which lends itself to be more challenging for my endurance rather than stressing a healing muscle with sustained burly moves on shouldery Earth Treks boulder problems..  but I'd be damned if they won't get you strong fast.  So with sport season opening on the east coast and my sights set high.  I am planning on being fully recovered by mid summer and ready for action in the fall.  Until then I have got a plate full of ideas of stuff I want to do.  Late if the season I want to return to CO and finish up some projects.  The New River is going to be a destination for much of the first part of my summer and to top off an already full schedule I rallied for the Dominion River Rock comp coming up next week.
pants... what an idiot, it was 300F that day
This will be the second year for the Dominion comp, I can honestly say I have never competed in any event quite like it.  The venue is huge and the walls are not really walls but resemble something from a sci-fi wrestling match, not a climbing competition wall.  Large features of varying shapes and sizes are suspended from a metal structure which allows 360 of viewing for the audience and one hell of a great time for competitors.  I am really psyched to be a part of this event for the second time.
All in all my summer will be jammed packed with school, climbing, work and whatever else happens between now and fall.  Its awesome being back and doing the things you love.

P.S - check out the Dominion site


Davin said...

Well this is all good news!

So, with the Colorado projects mentioned does that include Wyoming projects? Hope so. Would be good to do some bouldering with you again.

rose said...

Hells yes bro. I was just talking to Alex J about Wyoming. Strange how that happens.