Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Organic Crag Pack

I have been waiting for awhile to purchase a new climbing bag.  Most climbing back packs seem to lack one or two key features that I was really looking for, are expensive in relation to the material used and to top it off they are adequate in size but if I needed to bring any additional food or gear for the day, I was stuck cramming my PB&J in my climbing shoe to make it all fit.  What I was really looking for was something large enough to carry all my stuff, plus some, a bag made of quality material with features I could really use.  Organic delivered! Now I have a quality bag made in the U.S.A and I am not going to be dropping $80 - $120 every season to replace a climbing bag that is falling to pieces.  This new line of back packs is perfect for a few pairs of shoes, chalk bag, chalk pot, food harness and whatever else you think you might want or need the next time you are headed to a boulder field or out to the crag.  Its made of extremely durable material with heavy duty zippers, chest strap, waist belt strap and a daisy chain on the front for good measure. It is the next step in comfortable, functional climbing equipment. 

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